Tesla launchs solar panels with conventional roof-tiles look

Tesla launchs solar panels with conventional roof-tiles look

Spain is a Mediterranean country that could take advantage of natural sources of energy, specially from sun light. However, this still being one of the pending issues of the Spanish energy mix. In this regard, Tesla has launched recently a new solution intended to approach the implementation of renewable energy sources to the final customer: solar panels with conventional roof-tiles look.

These tiles are the result of the acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla for $2’6 billions. They have a conventional roof appearance as it is made with photovoltaic cells integrated in small individual tiles.

Some of the advantages that this new kind of solar panel can bring is double. First, an increasing in the dimensions of surface used to get and transform in electricity the sun light. So, the efficiency level could be much higher in comparison with the conventional ones, which size could be of a couple of squared meters as much.

From outside it is practically impossible to know if it is a normal roof or one with solar panel included.

Secondly, in terms of design this device will represents a safe in space as the roof will assume a double role, aboding the need of extra space for (not good looking) conventional solar panels. In addition, a great advantage is that from outside it is practically impossible to know if it is a normal roof or one with solar panel included. The starting model will have four different designs: colored tile, beige, slate and gray.

Another strength of this type of tempered glass tiles is that they have proved to be much more resistant than conventional ones so they will withstand extreme weather conditions. Elon Musk specified that this product would be for sale through Tesla but gave no details of the launching date or the price of this product.

Source: Tesla.com

The battery that will store the energy obtained is also a novelty. It is called Powerwall 2 and has a storage capacity of 14 kWh, a continuous power of 5kW with peaks up to 75W. According to Tesla, this second generation is enough to power a four-room house for 24 hours and guarantees unlimited power cycles for up to 10 years.

These batteries will be available on the US market in the coming weeks and will have a starting price of $5,500. There is no established date for the launch of this new battery in Spain. What is clear is that with these changes Tesla intends to move the business to the field of the home.

The negative -and sad- aspect is the fact that the Spanish law imposes on the citizens a payment for each KWh generated from solar panels (conventional or not). Thus, the consumers in Spain could install these tiles and batteries but would have to pay the government for the gotten energy, at least if Spanish law don’t change in the following months or years.

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