SYMBIOZ, a car designed to be part of your home by Renault

SYMBIOZ, a car designed to be part of your home by Renault

SYMBIOZ is the name of a new concept car presented recently by Renault at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. The idea of the French motor firm is based in the search of a perfect integration between home and car.

SYMBIOZ Concept Car by Renault at the home's interior space
SYMBIOZ Concept Car. Source: Renault.

With this concept, the car will access directly to your home, where it will fit perfectly thanks to its magnificent and elegant design, comfortable armchairs and its advanced entertainment system. Inside the house that Renault has shown as a perfect scenario for this car, SYMBIOZ will be able to turn on itself to adapt to the needs of its owners, as well as going up to the upper rooms or parking on the roof or basement by itself. Also, this fully electric vehicle will begin to charge itself automatically as soon as you arrive to home, been able to supply power to the house if it would be needed.

The European Union has proposed that each new or renovated house or building have a charging point for electric vehicles by 2019, so SYMBIOZ matches perfectly with a hypothetical requirement of the European homes of the futures.

SYMBIOZ Concept Car by Renault
SYMBIOZ Concept Car. Interior View. Source: Renault.

Currently this project is just a concept but maybe it represents the beginning of a new way to integrate vehicles and homes in the future.

You can find more information about this interesting concept car by visiting the official site of SYMBIOZ Concept by Renault.

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