S’Espalmador, the amazing private island for sale in Formentera

S’Espalmador, the amazing private island for sale in Formentera

According the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair magazine, the private island of S’Espalmador (in Formentera) is for sale for 22 million euros.

In October 2015 the owners where dealing with the public administration in order to find a sale agreement, however the negotiation was suspended because of the lack of a positive agreement between both parts.

The owners have taken recently the decision of trying again to sell the small but lovely island. This time the price is 2 million euros cheaper than the established two years ago, from 24 to 22 million euros.

The island of S’Espalmador is located to the north of Formentera and its dimensions are 2,925 m of length and 800 m of width. This Mediterranean paradise has beaches of clear waters and stunning white sand. It includes also two constructions: a villa and a small chapel.

So, this can be an excellent opportunity for international investors or private buyers that wish to enjoy of such as highly luxurious and exclusive property in Spain.


Source: Vanity Fair magazine.

Image: By Samu/Wikimedia Commons

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