Are you selling your home in Spain? Find here the best recommendations

  • Establish the right price is a key aspect when we want to sell our property. The property market in Spain shown recovery signals since a couple of years, but this improvement is slow and do not exist in some areas. Other areas have not been so affected in terms of price. So, try to analyze properly which is the proper price for your home considering the local market situation and doing a realistic check of the situation of the property. In this regard, the help of specialized experts or local real estate agencies can be quite recommendable.
  • Make the most of Internet. Today the main point of information in early stages of any purchase (including properties purchases) is Internet. If you think as a buyer and not as a seller, you’ll realize that Internet has become the fastest way to get information about the property that we are looking for. Prepare a list of the most relevant specialized websites where publish your property for sale.
  • Be sure to write a catching text. Being honest in relation with the features of the properties is always a good starting point. In this way you’ll avoid causing a disappointment in relation with previous expectations created over the potential buyer. Once again, think as a buyer.
  • The images used to sell your home are equally important. Make the most of the natural light and never take pictures in front the light source. Of course, try to improve the decoration of the different rooms. In this regard, there are companies specialized in decoration for properties for sale, which provide some modern and elegant pieces of furniture if necessary, and help you taking the best pics.
  • An important aspect is to know very well the administrative process required as well as the taxes the selling operation will generate. Be sure you meet all the requirements and know which they are in advance to start the selling point, in this way the sale will be as fast as possible and you’ll avoid any negative surprise in terms of unexpected fines, extra costs or last minutes’ taxes to pay. The help of experts is again very recommendable.

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