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Latest update: 03 May 2020.

1. Data controller: who is responsible for processing your data?

We inform you that the personal data that you provide will be processed by Miguel Ángel Culiáñez, based in the city of Elche (Alicante province) as a particular blogger and webmaster of and its possible sub-domains (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

We provide information in the following sections about the rights you hold as well as how we use your personal data, whether you use our Website to search for information about properties listed (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) or if you post a property as an individual (hereinafter referred to as the “Private Advertiser”) or as a representative of a Professional Advertiser (hereinafter referred to as the “Professional Advertiser”) by virtue of the General Data Protection Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”).

If you have any queries related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following email address:

2. Purpose of the processing: what can we do with your data?

a) We manage your personal data to render the services and properties you have requested through the Website. The list of services includes the following:

  • Contacting advertisers.
  • Posting advertisements (listing properties).
  • Property export service.
  • Sending information about similar properties that may interest you.
  • Help you sell your property.

b) In the case of a claim or query, we will process your data in order to manage them.

c) If you are a User or an Advertiser (Private or Professional), we will send you messages for the following purposes:

  • To reply you to any message you previously sent us by using the contact forms of the Website or email.
  • To receive information about the property or real estate development you have interest on listing in the Website.
  • To send you information about properties, news and other promotional messages related to
  • To send you special offers of companies that will help you in the sale process of your property (energy companies, insurance companies, consultants and appraisers) and to invite you to participate in satisfaction surveys.

d) If you are a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, we manage your personal data to keep in contact and develop the business relationship with the companies you represent. Moreover, we will send you messages for the following purposes:

  • To invite you to events and workshops held by
  • To send you information about properties, news and other promotional messages related to
  • To carry out specific campaigns for internal control and quality of services, and
  • To invite you to participate in satisfaction surveys and market research.

3. Legal basis: why can we process them?

The legal basis that allows us to process your data for each of the purposes specified in section 2 above are:

a) Contractual relationship: applicable when you request one of our services specified in paragraph 2.a) above, even if such services are free of charge.

b) Legitimate interest: to handle the queries and claims you send us (paragraph 2.b). If you are a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, we have a legitimate interest to remain in contact with the company to which we render services and that you represent, also to invite you to our events and workshops (paragraph 2.e).

c) Your consent:

  • If you are a User or a Advertiser (Private or Professional), by checking the box included in the contact forms of the Website, you have authorized us to send you the messages referred to in section 2 above;
  • If you are a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, by checking the box included in the contact form or when sending us an email, you have authorized us to send you the messages referred specifically to in section 2 e) above.

4. Recipients: To whom can we disclose your data?

We will be able to disclose your data to third parties in the following situations:

In relation to paragraph 2.a above (services and properties requested)

  • To the advertisers of the property, properties or real estate developments you request us about, in order to handle your specific query.
  • To Users interested on a property for sale by you as a Private or Professional Advertiser listed on the Website.
  • Courts or Tribunals or Public Authorities to fulfil any legal requirement.

For the remaining purposes

Your data will not be disclosed to third parties unless we need to fulfil any legal requirement.

For all purposes’s data processors may access your personal data in order to perform their duties, including technology service providers, documentation tools and support tools in order to assess the functioning of the Website and the use of certain functions by the users.

You can request further information about the use of your data by sending an email to the email address specifying the specific processing or use for which you require information about the recipients.

5. Period for storing your data: how long will we process them?

Depending on each processing purpose, the period for storing your data will be:

  • Until the query or claim has been settled.
  • Until you revoke your consent.
  • If you are a representative or contact person of a Professional Advertiser, during the contractual relationship with the company you represent or until you notify us that you are no longer its contact person.
  • Until you request its cancellation (applies to all purposes under section 2).

In addition, we hereby inform you that your data will remain blocked after the end of the processing for which they are intended and during the time-barring (prescription) periods of obligations for each purpose stated in section 2.

6. Required updated information

There are fields in the forms that are for mandatory completion, without which we will be unable to render you the service or information you request. When you click on the “acceptance” button (or equivalent) included in the aforementioned forms, you state that the information and the data that you provide are correct and true.

In order for the information provided to always be up to date and so that it does not contain any errors, please remember to inform us as soon as possible of any changes and rectifications of your personal data that occur by using the following email address:

7. Rights of data subjects

We hereby inform you that you can exercise the following rights:

  1. The right to access your personal data to know which ones are subject to processing and the data processing operations carried out with them.
  2. The right to rectify any inaccurate personal data.
  3. The right to cancel your personal data, whenever this is possible (for example, by a legal order).
  4. The right to request the restriction of your personal data processing when the accuracy, legality or need for the data processing is in doubt, in such case, we can keep them to file or defend any claims.
  5. The right to oppose processing of your personal data, when the legal basis that authorises us to process them in our legitimate interest allows this. We will stop processing your data unless it has a legitimate interest or it is necessary to defend claims.
  6. The right to the portability of your data, when the legal basis that authorises us to process them is the existence of a contractual relationship or your consent has been granted.
  7. The right to revoke the consent granted to us.

You can exercise your rights at any time free of charge in the following way:

If you are unable to access the Website, you can send an email to specifying the right that you wish to exercise and your identifying data.

We also inform you that you are entitled to submit a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you consider an infringement has been committed of the data protection laws when processing your personal data.

8. Confidentiality and security in data processing

The information received by us through any means will be processed with the utmost secrecy and confidentiality. At, we make all reasonable efforts to keep the personal information confidential that is processed through the Website and if need be, other tools. We will apply strict security levels to protect the personal data we process to avoid accidental loss and unauthorised access, processing or disclosure, bearing in mind the state of the art, the nature and risks to which the data are exposed. Thus, we have put all of the technical means within our grasp in place in order to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data provided by users; however we do inform you that internet security measures are not impregnable.

9. Additional information about certain functions of the Website

Sharing buttons by external tools or social networks can include “sharing” buttons allowing the User to share any kind of content in the website (posts, properties listed, etc.) by using external tools and networks. In this case, we are not responsible of the data you share and those sharing action can be limited under the Intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website (for more information visit point 5 in our Legal notice).

Passively collected information

When rendering our services we will use software and/or services of third parties to passively, collect data, while you are browsing or interacting with the content of our website, as well as information about the device you use.

The sole purpose of passively collecting this information is to learn more about how you use and interact with the Website in order to improve your experience while using our services and detect possible errors in the implementation of our Website. The information collected will include the following, among others:

  • The IP address of your device
  • The screen size of the device you use
  • Type of device (unique device identifier) and information about the browser
  • Geographic location
  • Date and time of the visits to the websites

For more information on passively collected information, please review our Cookies policy.

Use of Google reCAPTCHA in forms

This Website uses the external tool Google reCAPTCHA in contact forms to identify that you are not a robot and reduce as much as possible spam messages. The information collected by Google reCAPTCHA is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy and its Terms of Service, and is used to provide, maintain and improve the reCAPTCHA service, as well as for general security purposes (Google does not use it for personalised advertising).

10. International transfer of information

In some situations, your personal data may be processed outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). In such situations, we warrant that all the measures and controls to protect the processing of your personal data will be applied. The main measures adopted are the signing of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, binding corporate rules and certifications or codes of conduct approved by the European Commission.

11. Social networks

You may join the groups that have on various social networks. A user who becomes a fan or follower of any of these groups accepts the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of each specific social network.