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Are you selling your home in Spain? Find here the best recommendations

Establish the right price is a key aspect when we want to sell our property. The property...

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Virtual Reality for Property Selling

Virtual reality, the new technology to sell properties

One of the technologies that are starting to be implemented currently in several sectors is virtual reality (VR).

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Home Heating Technology

Geothermal energy, almost unknown but with a great potential in Spain

Geothermia is probably one of the most unknown energy sources in Spain and many other countries. However, it could be one of the most efficient technologies of the future.

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SIMA 2016

SIMA 2016 receives this week thousands of visitors in Madrid

Image: SIMA 2016 is one of the most relevant real estate fairs of Spain. IFEMA, in...

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Calpe (Costa Blanca), one of the most demanded areas in Valencia Region

20,000 homes must be built in Valencia Region to satisfy increasing demand

According the Bank of Spain, Valencia Region needs the construction of 20,000 new homes to...

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The Spanish economy will grow by 3% this year according the “wise men”

The German Economic Experts Council, also known as “the wise men” or "Fünf Wirtschaftsweisen",...

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Property sales in Spain have improved in 2015 by 7%

The statistics data brought by several institutions, agencies and other organizations during 2015...

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The number of mortgage approvals increased by 10.6% in January

According INE (National Statistics Institute), the amount of property mortgages approved by banks...

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Real Estate Sector in Spain as a Economy Growth Factor

Real estates of Spanish banks lost more than € 3,000 million in 2015

According, the loses of the real estates of Spanish banks have increased 11% in...

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Terrace in Nimbus villa

Best advises to buy an off-plan property in Spain

relevant advises to keep in mind if you are considering to buy an off-plan property in Spain

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Luxury apartment

Which are the fundamental aspects of the Passivhaus construction method?

The Passivhaus method construction is reaching a higher level of relevance among property developers around Europe. Passivhaus is based on the optimization of existing resources through passive construction techniques.

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Paramount Park in Murcia finds serious problems to progress

The Superior Court of Justice of Murcia has ruled this week a preventive stop over the works of the...

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