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Summer decoration for your home in Spain

Give a summer style to your home in Spain

In summer all we want to find in our home a fresh space where keep away from the hot weather. The...

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Real Estate Sector in Spain as a Economy Growth Factor

Property construction: one of the growth factors over the Spanish economy

According with the last report of the Instituto de Estudios Económicos (IEE), the property construction is again of the key factors of the economic growth of the Spanish economy.

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Lighting tips for your home in Spain

The best lighting tips for the garden or terrace of your home in Spain

Find out how to get the perfect atmosphere for long summer evenings in your home in Spain. Turn on...

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Homes in the Mediterranean

Analysis over the property market in the Mediterranean coast

According a recent report of ST Sociedad de Tasación, the Costa del Sol keeps a leading position...

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Homes in spain for sale

Property prices could rise by 6% in Spain this year

According the 2017 Spanish Residential Report by CBRE Consulting, the average price of properties...

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How to get a creative and genuine swimming pool for your home in Spain

The summer is coming and probably the Spanish hot weather triggers your desire to include a lovely swimming-pool in your garden. Now, the company ModPools offers an easy way to enjoy of a genuine swimming-pool.

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Forum of Investment in the Spanish Real Estate Market (2017 Edition)

The Forum of Investment in the Spanish Real Estate Market will take place next 24 and 25 of May in...

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Sareb offers 1,500 properties for less than 60,000 euros

Sareb (the public bank that assumed the Spanish toxic assets from private financial institutions)...

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Sales of properties in Spain rises 9.9% in February year-on-year

According the latest information provided by the Consejo General del Notariado, last month of...

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Almería Coast, a great place where buy a home in Spain.

Sareb launches 3.000 properties for sale in the Spanish coast from €27.500

As happened in 2015 and 2016, this year Sareb (Sociedad de Gestión de Activos Procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria) has launched the campaign named “Tu casa a toda costa”, intended to promote the sales of homes along the Spanish coast.

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The EU aims to create national banks to take all the “toxic properties” for sale

Berlaymont building, headquarters of the EC / © European Union , 2017. Source: EC - Audiovisual...

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Costa del Sol, Spain

This week Home Fair Costa del Sol opens its doors

Home Fair Costa del Sol is one of the most relevant real estate fairs in Spain, and the 4th of May...

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