M.A.Di construction system: houses that can be built in only 6 hours

M.A.Di construction system: houses that can be built in only 6 hours

M.A.Di. is the acronym in Italian of displaceable housing module, a concept launched by the architect Renato Vidal. Thanks to this new way of modular home, you could need just a plot land to enjoy of your own property in Spain, as the house could by ready to live inside in only 6 hours.

MADi interior modular house
Interior view of a MADi modular house. Source: www.madihome.com

This kind of construction system is not exactly a conventional modular home but a “folding” one. The size of the construction can be between 27 and 84 m2 and can be assembled anywhere in just six hours. The M.A.Di kit is available for prices ranging from 28,000 to 62,000 euros, it is energy efficient and includes everything to start living inside almost immediately.

The design is based in a triangular structure with a vertical roof that covers almost from the top to the ground (eliminating the need of large walls). Despite this basic architecture, its design looks modern, smart and clean. The owner can choose different eco-friendly materials.

The only requirement to enjoy of this folding home is to provide a basically equipped area where implement the assembling work, as well as a plot of stable land. It can be connected to a public supply of electricity, but also it can get up as sustainable housing powered by incorporated solar panels.

After making the order and accepting the specifications, the house is delivered in a truck within a period of less than 60 days. So, if you are interested in this kind of home, fin more information by visiting the official site of the M.A.Di system.

Source, pictures and video: www.madihome.com.

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