Investment in construction will grow twice as fast in Spain this year as in the EU

Investment in construction will grow twice as fast in Spain this year as in the EU

Spain continues to be one of the European countries where investment in construction is going to grow the most. Despite the fact that in 2019 the increase will be lower than in the previous year, a recent forecast of the European Commission place Spain in the ninth position in the ranking.

Investment in real estate sector will grow this year in Spain by 4.1%, compared to 6.2% in 2018, but practically doubling the EU average (2.2%). In this way, Spain is the only major economy to be in the top 10, while the United Kingdom, France and Italy close the ranking, along with Sweden.

Spanish economy, which in recent years has experienced a sharp rise in prices (specially in certain areas), is the only one of the 28 where investment in construction will fall. Specifically, by 2.7% according to the European Commission forecast.

Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta and Ireland are countries where investment could rise in 2019 at a double-digit rate, being the Greek economy, which is about to meet a year after the end of the economic rescue, with an expected rise of more than 20%. Following these countries, the best results are associated with Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain and Poland.

Outside the ‘top 10’, but above the EU average, we find countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, while among the nine countries that are below the average are Sweden and some of the major countries, with Belgium, Finland and Austria.

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