Give a summer style to your home in Spain

Give a summer style to your home in Spain

In summer all we want to find in our home a fresh space where keep away from the hot weather. The decoration is a key element to get it. Here you’ll find some tips to improve the style of your home in Spain and get ready for the Spanish summer.

Merges the interior and exterior: lounge and terrace in a single space

Mix lounge and terrace is a good way to enjoy of a opener, clearer and colder area at home. In this regard, you should think about removing the large windows in the lounge that can be removed in summer and allow you to join the two spaces in one unified area. Of course, not all properties can enjoy of this possibility, but if you have the chance, keep it in mind. A small work can make the difference.

The air will more easily get inside your living room and, if you want to spend an evening with your friends, the area will be spacious enough to enjoy more peacefully. This tip is specially recommendable if you live near the beach, where the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea will be your natural air conditioning.

Plants and flowers, your best allies

Plant various species in pots and, of course, elaborate bouquets combined with leaves, giving a touch of color and joy to the environment. Let the green color flood your living room with plants distributed around several corners. Do not forget to combine this with some aromatic candles, so you will create an intensely pleasant environment, where you can enjoy watching TV, reading a good book, having a glass of wine or just relaxing on the sofa.

Use natural elements

A living room with white walls, mud floor and wooden beams on the roof is synonymous with a total summer ambiance. Natural materials are the most suitable for maximum comfort on hot days.

Remove curtains and carpets

In colder days we are more comfortable with thick materials, which provide heat. In summer we need just the opposite, fresh materials that, above all, do not overwhelm us. Therefore, elements like curtains, carpets or sofa sleeves must be removed and replaced by lighter and natural materials.

In this regard, to change winter curtains for individual blinds is a good option, so that you can handle them independently in each window. Variety of materials is very interesting: wood, natural fibers, etc.

Give your home in Spain a touch of color

The longer days of summer invite you to enjoy a more colorful home. Colors like green, blue or white are perfect for this season of year. You can use them on furniture like covers or decorative elements such as cushions. You could also change the color of walls.

It is also a good time to get a piece of geometric, floral or ethnic prints, but just focusing on small objects such as pots or baskets, for instance.

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