Construction materials sales rise for the first time since 2007 in Spain

According with information provided by, construction material sales have improved since the beginning of the economic recession. This media collect data and from several professional organizations that represents construction material sellers.

Specifically, according figures from Hispalyt (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Bricks and Tiles of Coal Clay) in 2015 manufacturers of building materials reached 4.1 million tons of bricks and tiles, which represents 5.13% more than the previous year. This is a direct consequence of the increasing of permits to build new homes in Spain. However, these figures are still 85% below the levels registered in 2007, when there were 28.8 million of units.

Concrete is another product that has been benefited by the increase in the construction of houses. The production of this material increased last year by 2.7% (after eight years of falls). Anefhop (Asociación Nacional Española Fabricantes de Hormigón Preparado) assures that 2015 ended with a production of 16.3 million tons, but still very far from the 97.9 million that reached in 2006.

Another significant product associated to the situation to the real estate sector in Spain is tiles. In this sense, Spain is the first tile producer in the EU and the first exporter. This industry grew last year in a moderate way, only 3%, with a manufacturing volume of 437 million square meters according the Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers (ASCER).

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