The best lighting tips for the garden or terrace of your home in Spain

The best lighting tips for the garden or terrace of your home in Spain

Find out how to get the perfect atmosphere for long summer evenings in your home in Spain. Turn on the light and enjoy the outdoors spaces at night.

Look for the right mix

When comes to lighting the outdoor spaces of your home in Spain, it is a great idea to mix different lighting solutions to generate a dynamic and changing ambiance, according to the need of each moment or the environment that you want to create. It is about modulating it, giving it shape so that it turns the garden or the terrace of your home into pleasant and very special places.

In this regard, also colours of light are important. You can use blue or green light bulbs to create an even more special ambience, combined with white and very bright illumination or a more warm one if you prefer.

Functionality and beauty

Regarding the decorative aspects, the perfect result is to make possible that lights keep an aesthetic relationship with the home. In addition, if you connect both spaces, you can use the light from inside to illuminate outside.

When it comes to distributing the light, you can not overlook the pool, paths and corners and those areas that are in darkness and that you incorporate to the rhythm of the house, thanks to the lighting.

Distribution, a key element

Mobile lights (candles, garlands, lanterns, table lamps…) are an excellent choice in order to create an ambiance according to your needs and are perfect if you do not have an external electrical installation. They are the right choice for a dinner with friends in the terrace or a small party, offering a magnificent atmosphere in a summer night.

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